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Carpet & Rug Cleaning
ALIKA CARPET,TILE AND GROUT CLEANING, INC. uses the advanced carpet restorative cleaning process from ROTOVAC. This mechanical agitation combined with quality carpet cleaning chemistry assures you of a superior clean.

When you need those delicate or heirloom rugs cleaned of soiling or pet stains, we can carefully cleanse your rug on-site or off-site. Either way, your rug will look and smell in top condition.

While no professional should guarantee removal of all stains or odors, Alika Carpet will apply the most appropriate treatment for the best possible results.

If your plumbing, the rushing waters of nearby streams, or the ocean floods your home, Alika Carpet can assist you as a Certified Water Damage Restorer. The convenience of relying upon us will help ease the stress of a water damaging experience.

Upholstery? Yes, we clean upholstery as well!
Alika Carpet, Tile and Grout Cleaning, Inc.
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